Manchester Central
Hall Of Fame

Nicholas Covatis

To generations of Central students, the name Nick Covatis is synonymous with excellence in teaching. Even a cursory review of student publications from the last quarter of the 20th century turns up numerous references to him and well-deserved praise for the rigor that was the hallmark of his classroom from 1967 to 2001. During his 34-year career, he taught general biology, college biology, and honors-level anatomy and physiology to over 3,500 students. In so doing, he created a challenging academic experience that placed a premium on student accountability and personal responsibility. Countless Central graduates credit Mr. Covatis for honing a work ethic that served them well in all aspects of their lives after Central. After being graduated from Central in 1961, Mr. Covatis attended the University of New Hampshire. He earned his bachelor's degree in zoology in 1964 and his master's degree in marine ecology in 1967. Beyond the classroom, his service to Central extended to stints as science department chair and adviser to the National Honor Society. In addition, he chaired the committee that introduced a weighted grading system that sought to ensure the equity of assessment standards across the curriculum. Since retirement, Mr. Covatis has devoted his time to tutoring, playing the guitar, cooking, and taking pictures.