Manchester Central
Hall Of Fame

Charles H Revson

Born in Boston in 1906, Charles Revson grew up on Conant Street on Manchester's West side. The family lived on the first floor rear of a six-tenement building. As did many others, Charles walked to Manchester High School every day, two miles each way. At Central, Charles was a department head on the Oracle staff and a member of the Debate Team, winning honors as the best individual debater. He left for New York soon after graduation. In 1932, at the age of 26, he founded Revlon, Inc., which he subsequently built into a major international corporation. In 1932, the corporation had annual sales of $4,055; in 1974, Charles's last year at the helm, annual sales totaled $600 million. In 1956, Mr. Revson established the Charles H. Revson Foundation through which he donated more than ten million dollars during his lifetime. On his death, he endowed the Foundation from his estate. Charles Revson died in 1975 at the age of 69.