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Carroll Gooch

Carroll Gooch was the most outstanding athlete at Manchester High School during the late teen years. His prowess was evident in all the sports he played, but he was especially outstanding in baseball and football. Very effective as a pitcher starting his freshman year, he pitched most of the games the school played and won almost every one of them. Manchester won the baseball state championship in 1919. Carroll's football talents didn't surface until he was a junior and then blossomed his senior year. As team captain both seasons, he was the school's first great passer, and the 1919 team was so good that school officials were making overtures to play for the National Interscholastic Championship in Chicago in December. That never materialized due to Manchester's heart-breaking loss to Portland High School in the next-to-last game of the regular season. Gooch went on to play outstanding football at the University of Vermont, was later inducted into that school's Hall of Fame, and then spent his adult years as a teacher and principal in the Camden, New Jersey area, achieving great renown both as a high school coach and as a sports official for over 50 years.