Manchester Central
Hall Of Fame

Theodore L Gatsas

At Central, Theodore "Ted" Gatsas, was very active serving as Class Treasurer, as a member of the French Club, on the Central Week and Junior Prom Committees, as Class Day Marshal, and playing three varsity sports-football, baseball, and basketball. As a junior, Ted helped all three teams win State championships. Following Central, Ted went to the University of New Hampshire and played football for the Wildcats. After college, he and his brother Michael, with the assistance of their father, Dr. Louis Gatsas, established a real estate business. They later opened a firm which furnished companies with temporary employees. That business was sold in 1987. In 1999, Ted entered politics, winning the aldermanic seat in Manchester's Ward 2. A year later, he was elected to the New Hampshire State Senate and eventually became its President. He continued to serve in the dual roles until a few years ago when he decided to campaign for Mayor of his home city. He was victorious and became the 47th Mayor in the history of Manchester. He may very well be the first graduate of Manchester High School Central to serve in that capacity. One of his most enthusiastic boosters is his mother, Pauline, also known as "Perley", who is also a graduate of Central. She, along with other family members, regularly attended Ted's sports competitions and has always been in the forefront in helping him with his election campaigns. In 1998, Ted and his brother Michael, made a generous donation to the city, in memory of their father, which was used to construct an athletic complex in Livingston Park. Ted and his wife Cassandra, have been married for over twenty five years. He has often said he has learned many valuable lessons from her, especially compassion. Ted has said that winning the 2009 Mayoral race in Manchester was the highlight of his political career. "There's no other place I'd rather be", he commented. "I love this city and I love its people\u201d